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  • HS3915

  • Photo: Annika Felder
  • Waste, parings and scrap, of plastic
    Harmonised System (HS) codes classify any tradable commodity
  • Photo: Igor Vermeer
  • Photo: Annika Felder
  • 40 cameras were distributed in different EU countries
  • “Ryanair and its publicity overload. My favourite: tikka masala chicken”
  • “No human is illegal”
  • “During the Defend Europe mission, we rented quads to ride
    on the mountains so that we could monitor the Franco-Italian border”
    – Generation Identity
  • Photo: Wibke Bramesfeld
  • Photobook

    50 Years of KFS South Tirol

    The publication documents the history of the association KFS, founded in 1966. The organisation supports families in the region South Tyrol, Italy.

    A series of essays and interviews outlines the topics that have shaped the association’s past and present times. A timeline throughout the entire book draws attention to highlights of its history.


    A Measurement Tool Towards Circularity

    How to develop a visual language that serves both as a visual identity and as a tool to inform about sustainability?

    The new fashion brand follows a clear objective: becoming an effective tool to fight today’s climate emer­gency. RRROAD foresees the abundance of waste as an opportunity to reshape the system of fashion production using post-consume textiles. In collaboration with sustainability consultants, we have designed a visual barometer as a measuring tool and communication piece.

  • Geo—Design: Junk

    All That Is Solid Melts into Trash

    What is the secret code of physical, chemical, and national identifications regulating the worldwide business of transfrontier shipment of waste?

    The exhibition platform explores global systems of discarded things. It looks at junk as a microcosm, as an economic barometer that can reveal realities of consumption and production, and as a subject of intercontinental diplomacy. Junk has created a global trade in waste that uses the identification code HS3915.

  • The Relationship Is No Longer Garbage

    Plastic Ban and Countries Diplomacy

    In the global system of waste exports and imports, where does plastic waste end up after China’s import ban?

    In 2019, Canada repatriated 69 containers of junk following a six-year diplomatic dispute with the Philippines. Since 2018, China’s import ban has diverted waste to neighbouring countries, creating potential economic opportunities and environmental disasters. A graphic tracks the new junk trade alongside a staged conversation between the President of the Philippines and the Canadian Prime Minister.

  • ISIA WT Summer School

    A virtual tour connecting two schools

    The visitor will be guided through a building merging two schools that are usually divided by more than thousand kilometres: Werkplaats Typografie in Arnhem (Netherlands) and Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche in Urbino (Italy). The exploration continues room by room and souvenirs showcase students’ works.

  • Transnational Spaces

    A Visual Documentation on European Identity

    How does Europe influence your everyday life? Please photograph it.

    Transnational Spaces explores the effects of intra-European mobility as a main promoter of “feeling European”. It presents a collective imaginary of what Europe means to its young citizens, from the polar opposites of Generation Identity (a pan-European conservative right group) and the Erasmus generation.

  • Karin and Karin Anders

    Speculative talks on human-AI collaborations in design

    How will the human designer Karin work together with the design bot Karin Anders?

    Today’s work structures have become irregular and the role of the designer is changing. Meanwhile AI will not lead to a new phase of stability and poses challenges to our future. Therefore, teaming up will not be easy. Hear what various experts have to say on this new type of collective work practice between humans and AI.